Women’s perspectives operations

We offer a range of procedures that can diagnose and treat problems both inside and outside your womb.

The Treatments and Their Benefits

Depending on the symptoms you have and other tests that have been carried out, one of our specialist procedures may be able to help. This includes hysteroscopy procedures which look inside your womb and laparoscopy procedures which look outside it.

A hysteroscopy procedure is performed using a narrow telescope and is non-surgical – it is entered into your womb through the vagina. It is used to investigate a range of problems including unusual bleeding, pelvic pain, postmenopausal bleeding, and infertility problems.

A laparoscopy is a surgical procedure performed with a laparoscope. It has a light and a camera that is inserted through a keyhole incision and lets the doctor see the area outside your womb. It is used to diagnose and treat fertility problems, problems with the digestive system, and problems with the urinary system.

The benefits of both treatments can be substantial:

  • Accurate diagnosis of a previously undiagnosed or unknown condition
  • Curing problems once diagnosis is made
  • Helps create more effective treatment plans

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