What is a Polyclinic?

Polyclinic – is a specific multi-specialty medical and preventive institution for medical care delivery. Multitasking of polyclinic is provided by a great amount of medical experts in different spheres, e.g. dentists, therapeutics, oculists, neurologists etc.

Differences between Polyclinic and Hospital

Polyclinic provides ambulatory medical care, i.e. at a doctor’s appointment or at home, without inpatient admission. The exception is the department of plastic surgery. Hospital is a place where people is provided with the necessary hospitalized care.

Types of Polyclinics

All polyclinics are usually classified according to such characteristics:

  • on a local basis: city or rural polyclinics;
  • on a specialty: both for adults and children, for adults and children separately;
  • on the form of ownership: government polyclinic and private polyclinic.

The Structure of Polyclinic

Is is usually included in the structure of polyclinic:

  • authorities of the polyclinic (head doctor, his deputies);
  • record department (so-called ‘mirror’ of the polyclinic);
  • general health subdivisions (therapeutics departments, including a room for assisting adolescents, traumatology department or office, urological office, dental office, otorhinolaryngology, office of infectious diseases, etc.);
  • Department of Medical Rehabilitation;
  • auxiliary diagnostic departments (X-ray department or office, laboratory, department or functional diagnostics room, etc.)
    the cabinet of medical statistics;
  • administrative and economic parts.

Main Polyclinic Functions

Polyclinic functions:

  • Delivery of health care on an ambulatory basis and at home for both adults and children;
  • Organization and implementation of preventive measures
  • Dispaserization of the population if necessary
  • Conducting measures related to the sanitary and hygienic perception of the population and the promotion of the healthy lifestyle.

Management of a Polyclinic

The entire work is supervised by a head doctor. He bears responsibility for the whole medical, preventative administrative and financial activities in the polyclinic, plans the work of the polyclinic, approves plans for upgrading the qualification of the medical staff. The deputy head physician unit is responsible for all medical activities of the clinic – he organizes and controls the correctness and timeliness patients examination and treatment, the introduction of new methods of treatment and prevention, the organization of hospitalization of patients in case of necessity of the inpatient treatment, directs the preventive work of the polyclinic.

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