Vulvar Augmentation

Vulvar augmentation treatments will increase the thickness and/or size of your labia to make it fuller.

Benefits of Vulvar Augmentation

Vulvar augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is also known as labia augmentation. It is performed on women who want to change the shape of their labia, or who want labia that are fuller. Women can have a thin or small labia for a range of reasons including because of age or weight loss. This often leads to lower self-esteem.

Vulvar augmentation procedures involve transplanting fat from your own body into the labia. This gives it a fuller and more youthful appearance. The procedure itself is usually performed under a local anaesthetic and takes about one hour.

The benefits of our vulvar augmentation procedures include:

  • Fuller and larger labia
  • Improved shape of the labia
  • Improved labia firmness
  • Enhanced self-esteem

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