Vital Facts about Teeth Cleaning and Scaling

You might observe that despite regular brushing and flossing of teeth, tartar and plaque deposits near gums of the teeth leading to a number of gum diseases. It happens with everybody and can be easily treated with teeth cleaning and scaling procedures. However, before discussing about these dental procedures, let’s take a look at why such deposition takes place and teeth become yellow with time.
Reasons Leading to Deposition of Tartar and Plaque over Teeth
•There are certain food and drink items that contain color pigments like chromogens, which get attached to the white part of the teeth and discolor them.
•Regular consumption of tobacco is another leading cause of yellowness of teeth. Most of the tobacco contains tar and nicotine which are regarded as staining culprits for teeth and impart them a yellowish look.
•Age is another factor. Below the enamel (white outer shell of the teeth), there is softer area known as dentin. With regular brushing, the enamel gets thinner and yellowish color of the dentin shows through.
•Tooth discoloration is one of the side-effect of certain medications.
What is Teeth Cleaning and Scaling?
Tooth whitening is a process in which bleach is used by professional surgeons to lighten the teeth. During this process, several whitening products are used for breaking the stains into smaller pieces and thereby help in making the teeth brighter and whiter than before.
Scaling is a common dental procedure performed on those patients who are experiencing gum diseases. During this process, the plaque and tartar which is attached to the tooth surface is removed. The trained dentists perform the procedure by using specialized ultrasonic scaling tool and target specifically the area behind the gum line.
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