Vaginal prolapse repair

Improve symptoms of vaginal prolapse with a vaginal prolapse surgery using lasers.

Benefits of Vaginal Prolapse Surgery

Vaginal prolapse occurs when the uterus, bowel, or bladder bulges into the vagina. It can cause general discomfort, discomfort during sex, and difficulties when passing urine.

Some treatments for the condition include physiotherapy and pelvic exercises, but this doesn’t work in all in cases. They are particularly ineffective if the vaginal prolapse is caused by damage to the vaginal wall through, for example, childbirth.

If this is the cause of your vaginal prolapse, you need a therapy which will stimulate collagen production and repair the damage. This is what our laser surgery treatments can do.

If your condition is more serious, you may need a surgical procedure, but this can be determined during a consultation at our clinic.

There are a number of benefits if laser surgery is suitable for treating your vaginal prolapse condition:

  • Remove the sensation of a bulge in your vagina, or the sensation that something needs pushed back
  • More comfortable sexual intercourse
  • Eliminate problems with passing urine
  • Less invasive than a surgical treatment

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