Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction – is a last resort procedure to remove a tooth that cannot be fixed or saved using another type of treatment.

Benefits of Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are only undertaken by our dentists if no other treatment is suitable. This could be because there is a risk of infection, the tooth is severely decayed, the tooth is badly damaged as the result of a trauma, or the tooth is contributing to bad overcrowding in your mouth.

The procedure can be standalone or it can be part of wider treatment, but it is only ever undertaken if there is no other way of treating and/or saving the tooth.

We take every step possible to make you as comfortable as possible during a tooth extraction. Typically, this procedure is performed under relative analgesia where you inhale nitrous oxide gas, general anaesthetic, or sleep sedation.

While it is a tooth removal procedure of last resort, the benefits include:

  • Relieve pain
  • Prevent the spread of infection
  • Removes unsightly teeth
  • Makes way for further corrective and/or cosmetic dental treatments

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