Pulpotomy treats teeth that have infected or inflamed soft tissue in the pulp chamber. It is often carried out on primary teeth.

Benefits of pulpotomy treatment

Pulpotomy is also known as baby root canal although it is a suitable treatment for both permanent and baby teeth (primary teeth). It is a treatment that is required if the tissue in the pulp chamber of the tooth becomes infected. This is relatively easy in baby teeth because of the size of pulp spaces – even small cavities can sometimes reach them. The treatment is also used on damaged teeth or when the pulp chamber is inflamed.

Pulpotomy is carried out under a local anaesthetic and involves removing the affected tissue in the pulp chamber. Once this is complete, a filling or crown is applied to fully restore the tooth.

There is an alternative to pulpotomy which is suitable if the soft tissue in the pulp chamber hasn’t become excessively damaged or infected. In these situations, a medical filling is used to try and keep the remaining root canals alive.

The benefits of both pulpotomy procedures include:

  • Keeping primary teeth healthy until they naturally fall out
  • Improving the vitality of teeth
  • Relieving pain

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