Professional Neurosurgeons of Dubai Treat Headaches and Migraines Succesfully

Headache is regarded as one of the most common health conditions faced by almost everyone at one point of life. In simple words, headache is defined as unpleasant pain in the head leading to aching and pressure. The intensity of pain varies from mild to severe and sometimes occurs on both sides of the head and sometimes on one of the sides. Typically lasts from 30 minutes to a week, it is prudent to seek professional assistance from neurosurgeons in case of recurrent attacks of headaches.
Different Types of Headaches
The International Headache Society has broadly classified headaches into two disorders: primary headache and secondary headache disorders. Primary headache includes tension-type headaches, migraine and cluster headaches. These headaches are classified on the basis of symptoms. The secondary headache disorders are based on the causes and usually associated with stroke, head injury, disorders of the neck, nose, sinus, etc.
Is Migraine and Headache Same?
Generally, people relate headache with migraine; however there is a great difference in both the conditions. Headache usually varies on the basis of causes, severity and duration. For instance, a headache associated with illness improves when illness is treated or hangover headache usually lasts for few hours. Talking about migraine, headache on one side of the head is one of the symptoms of the migraine. These headaches become worse with physical activities. Migraine attack lasts from few hours to few days and patients experience moderate pain. Nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to nose, etc., are few other symptoms of the condition.
It is crucial to know the type of headache a person is suffering in order to get the right treatment. Moreover, not every surgeon can identify the type and risks associated with headache; only neurosurgeons can help in such conditions. So, if you are experiencing recurrent attacks of headaches and willing to seek an advice from board certified neurosurgeons, plan your visit at It is one of the leading surgical centers in Dubai offering best treatment associated with headaches and migraine.
Before suggesting any treatment, they prefer meeting with patients in person, know their complete medical history and symptoms they are experiencing and accordingly plan the treatment. So, if you are spending your money and time, visit to a reputed surgical center is a must.

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