Periodontal Therapy

Get periodontal therapy to control infections, reduce inflammation, and improve oral health.

How Periodontal Therapies Work

Periodontal therapy is used to treat gum disease. Treatments involve a dentist and/or dental hygienist but often also involves the active participation of the patient. In some, more severe, cases, medications and surgery may be needed.

The main treatments used in periodontal therapy, however, is scaling and root planing. Essentially this is a deep clean of your teeth and is carried out by a dentist or dental hygienist. Scaling involves removing tartar from your teeth above and below the gum line, while root planing removes bacteria and parts of the tooth root that could become infected.

The benefits of periodontal therapy:

  • Treats gum disease
  • Prevents the further spread of infection
  • Prevents other problems from occurring
  • Improves the appearance of your teeth

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