Pediatrics – is a field of medicine that deals with the health of a child.

Children's Clinic in Dubai

Any pediatric doctor in Al Aliaa polyclinic, any pediatric doctor is always ready to advise parents or provide all possible assistance if your child is taken ill. Since the birth of a baby, health concerns is parents’ task of prime importance. A good pediatrician is a doctor who is chosen from birth to the age of majority of the child just one time.
It is required the careful treatment and special care for the child’s body.
Therefore, high professionalism and long-term of experience are the most important when choosing a pediatrician. This is the basis for the confidence in future. It can also be is very significant when a child is still very small and cannot say what seems to be a trouble.
Al Aliaa pediatric department is specialized on the following services:

  • monitoring on the сhild development from the first days of the birth
  • treatment of existing diseases
  • medical recommendations in terms of evidence-based healthcare according to the standards of treatment of the Ministry of Health
  • recommendations for the further development, planned vaccinations, etc
  • appointment of additional diagnostics (tests, cardiogram, ultrasound, etc.) if necessary
  • preparation and legalization of medical documentation

Doctor home visit is the first step that should be taken if your baby cries for a long time without a reason, he or she has diarrhea, rash, high fever, or other abnormalities.
Do not try to self-medicate, because it can only hurt the baby.
It is recommended to checkup at the pediatric clinic up to 1 year every month.

Pediatrician in Dubai

Pediatrician in Al Aliaa polyclinic is a team of professionals who will help your child at any time. If the consultation of a pediatrician is not enough, you can always go through additional diagnostics and advice from narrowly focused specialists. If you do not have the opportunity to come to the consultation or the baby is very small, you can always call in our specialist at home.
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