Pediatric, Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontics

Pediatric, preventative, and interceptive orthodontic treatments to improve the appearance and function of crooked or crowded teeth.

Pediatric dentistry orthodontics benefits

We offer a range of orthodontic treatments to correct crooked or crowded teeth. This includes paediatric orthodontics which involves treating problems in children at a young age when the teeth and jaw bones are still developing. Usually this is between the ages of four and 11. This prevents more severe problems from occurring in later years so it can also be referred to as preventative or interceptive treatments.

The treatments we offer correct teeth that don’t have even spacing, abnormal bites, and more. Those treatments can include the use of space maintainers, removing primary teeth, correcting cross bite, redirection of permanent teeth as they start to grow, and more.

The benefits of pediatric early interceptive orthodontic treatment:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • More attractive smile
  • Makes teeth easier to clean which keeps them healthy
  • Prevents other problems from developing
  • Reduces the need for braces in teenage years

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