Orthodontic – is a kind of stomatology that deals with teeth and jaws defects.

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People frequently face various kinds of dental problems. It can be both aesthetic defects and serious abnormalities that cause disturbances in the dentoalveolar system. They include:

  • overbite
  • underbite
  • crossbite
  • open bite
  • spacing
  • crowding
  • misplaced midline

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The most common reasons of such-like pathologies are the genetic predisposition, periodontal diseases, edentia or teeth restoration, different physiological reaction on/to the movement of grinders, a different attitude to the teeth treatment. If you or your children are experiencing any defects, you obligatory need to visit an orthodontist.
Depending on what pathology you have, appropriate treatment will be offered. This can be both fixed and mobile types of appliances. They will help you to grasp the right bite and align the teeth. Medication takes a long time, but does not destroy the dental tissues, does not require surgical intervention and has a lasting result. The correction of tooth alignment with the help of orthodontics also contributes to the avoidance of gum diseases and promotes the prevention of caries. The faster you consult an orthodontist, the more active and effective will be your therapy. If notice such deformities in time, you can effectively eliminate them without undesirable consequences.

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Al Aliaa presents orthodontists that provide consulting services, give professional recommendations, offer an ideal therapeutic, carefully and systematically watch the procedure of correcting patients’ teeth existing defects. Doctors are ready to assist you to cope with the most difficult problems while delivering you a minimum of discomfort. Our medical advisers take the patients on the day of treatment, heal the clients as efficiently as possible and guarantee safe treatment. Thus, Al Allia orthodontists help you not only to restore the correct bite but also to get rid of unwanted complexes, gaining self-confidence.