Neurology – is one of the fields of medicine that deals with the treatment of the nervous system.

Obligatory Neurology Treatment

Our polyclinic specializes on the exploration of different nervous system diseases by neurology doctors who explain that such illnesses can be genetic, the result of traumatic injuries or the consequence of an incorrect lifestyle. Sometimes you understand that something goes wrong with your health, but you cannot explain what you feel exactly. It seems that you are just tired. However, in reality, the situation is much more complicated. Your health can be under the threat of major neurology ills.

Nervous system diseases treatment and prevention

Try to watch what changes has happened in your organism in order to understand that you should visit a doctor with due time.


Consult with a neurologist if you observe such symptoms as:

  • allolalia
  • pain in extremity
  • browache and headache
  • mental depression
  • sleep disturbance
  • dystaxia
  • frequent syncope or presyncope

All the symptoms of diseases of the nervous system are similar. However, they can also indicate violations in another area of the human body. The presence of the above-listed symptoms indicates that you need to visit a doctor to establish the precise diagnosis. Arrange a visit to doctors. They will conduct high-quality diagnostics and prescribe a course of treatment.
Timely seek medical advice can help to get rid of existing diseases quickly and effectively.
Every client is unique and very important for us so our doctors have created unique programs based on the state of health of the patient. Al Aliaa medical specialists have also developed a full set of measures that can preserve persons’ health for a long time. Our medical therapy is undergone in the calm and safe environment.
We will help you even in the most difficult cases.

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