Neonatal screening

Get neonatal screening tests for your new born for the earliest possible detection of potential problems.

Newborn screening importance

Most babies are born without a health problem and grow into happy and healthy children. For some, however, health issues are present as soon as they are born. Neonatal screening helps to detect some of those problems so treatments can start as soon as possible. This improves the prognosis for the child and can even prevent death.

We offer a number of neonatal screening tests at our modern and well-equipped clinic, all of which are carried out by trained, qualified, and highly experienced medical professionals. This includes physical examinations of your new born to check their hips, heart, eyes, and testicles. This is normally done within 72 hours of your child being born, with a second examination taking place when they are between six and eight weeks old.

We also perform hearing tests on new babies as well as heel prick tests. This involves taking a spot of blood from your baby’s heel to check for a range of serious, albeit rare, health conditions.

The benefits of neonatal screening include:

  • Early detection of potential dangerous conditions
  • Enables treatment to start for these conditions as early as possible
  • Ultimately this can reduce the impact of the condition and improve quality of life

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