Metal and Ceramic Braces

Find out more about our metal and ceramic braces, both of which straighten and align teeth.

Difference between metal and ceramic braces

Braces are used in orthodontics to straighten misaligned teeth and improve your bite. We offer two options if you need braces – metal braces and ceramic braces.

Metal braces have been used for many decades now, but the modern options are significantly different than the earliest versions. Today, metal braces are made from a very high grade of stainless steel. They slowly move teeth into the right position, with your orthodontist tightening them over time.

Ceramic braces work in the same way as metal braces but they are clear so are less visible.


Metal braces and ceramic braces advantages

  • Improved alignment of teeth
  • Straighter teeth
  • Correction of bite problems
  • Improved oral health as teeth are easier to clean
  • More attractive smile and improved self confidence

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