Invisible Braces Invisalign™

Get nearly invisible braces made by Invisalign to straighten and align your teeth

Invisalign clear braces benefits

Invisalign is a popular brand of braces that are almost invisible. They are an alternative to metal or ceramic braces as they perform the same function – straightening teeth and improving the alignment of your teeth.

We offer Invisalign braces, which each one specifically made for your mouth and teeth. They look a bit like mouth guards so are easy to remove while eating and also to clean. You will wear you Invisalign aligner for about two weeks before getting a new one. The new aligner will be adjusted slightly differently in order to slowly correct the position of your teeth.

Once your teeth are straight and aligned you can continue to use Invisalign braces for the best results.

Advantages of Invisalign invisible aligners:

  • Straightens teeth and corrects alignment problems
  • Almost invisible to improve levels of confidence during treatment
  • Long-lasting results
  • More attractive smile

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