Incontinence operations

We offer a range of treatments and incontinence operations, including laser therapy and surgery, to solve continence problems.

Treatment of incontinence benfits

You don’t have to put up with incontinence problems, regardless of your age, as we offer a range of treatments that help. These range from helping you with making lifestyle changes to surgery. Modern laser treatments are also proving to be incredibly effective.

The process starts with a consultation with one of our experienced doctors. Treatment plans usually start with looking at your lifestyle and offering help, advice, and guidance. This can include losing weight, limiting the amount of caffeine you drink, or reducing the amount of water you drink (if you drink too much). Your doctor may also advise you to wear absorbent pads or empty your bladder more frequently so it doesn’t get full.

Another treatment which is effective either on its own or in combination with lifestyle changes is vaginal laser treatments. This advanced technology stimulates collagen remodeling and generation to shrink and tighten the tissue. This increases support for your bladder.

In some cases, particularly when the above treatments are not effective, surgery may be required.

The benefits of our incontinence repair procedures include:

  • Restoration of normal continence function
  • Improved confidence and comfort levels
  • In terms of laser treatments, they are painless, there is no recovery period, and they generate fast results

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