Gynaecology – is a field of medicine that studies diseases definitive only for the woman’s organism, primary, this includes the diseases of the female reproductive system.

Gynaecology Polyclinic in Dubai

Al Aliaa gynaecology doctors help to diagnose a gynecological disease correctly, as it is impossible to determine the cause of the illness by yourself. A regular attendance of a gynecologist is the guarantee of women’s health preservation for many years. Our polyclinic provides the following services:

  • consultation by a gynecologist
  • ultrasound scan and prenatal diagnostics
  • treatment of all gynecological diseases
  • gynaecological operations
  • prenatal care

We work only with the modern equipment, which helps to get rid of uncomfortable feelings in women’s organisms easily, quickly and painlessly. Steering a steady course of modern world tendencies, we develop innovative solutions, adopt best practices, and systematically introduce new technologies.
We constantly strive to perfect professional skills and work processes on behalf of our clients. Al Aliaa gynaecologists take responsibilities for the quality of their work. It is our policy to use both the legislative base and ethical standards. We pay maximum attention to our patients,
equal their hopes, and what is more, exceed their expectations. We take care of the health and well-being of our patients every day.

Best Gynaecologists in Dubai

Every woman needs a doctor who can not only make the right diagnosis but also listen to a woman. In such delicate issues of women’s health, it is important to have not only a doctor but also a trusted adviser. That is why only the best professionals with decades of experience work in our clinic. All specialists meet the highest medical standards. In addition to this, they regularly replenish their knowledge at international conferences and trainings. Al Aliaa gynaecologists specialize in treating both adults and children. All consultations are conducted in an atmosphere of trust and security. It is important to be watched by a gynecologist even if you have no symptoms.
Timely seeking medical advice allows you to identify and cure diseases that are “harmless” in the early stage development, but very dangerous for life later.

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