Growth Modification with Functional appliances

Correct problems before they fully develop with growth modification orthodontic treatments that use functional appliances.

Functional appliances in orthodontic treatment benefits

Many orthodontic treatments are corrective, with some taking place after problems occur. Growth modification treatments are different. They are treatments applied as early as possible, i.e. while the jaw of the child is still growing. This can correct the issue, avoiding the need for more intensive or invasive treatments whenever the child is older.

The treatments typically involve the use of a functional appliance to change the structure of the jaw bone – its position, width, shape, and or length. There is a range of appliances available depending on the condition being treated.

Problems that can be corrected with growth modification treatments include poor facial symmetry, crowded teeth, and bite problems.

The benefits of growth modification orthodontics treatments include:

  • Problems are corrected earlier in the child’s life
  • Younger children are often easier to treat
  • Reduces the need for as much additional treatment when the child is older
  • Improved levels of self-esteem and confidence

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