Full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction treatment – is procedure which correct problems with the structure of your teeth and bones as well as your bite and muscles.

What is Full full mouth dental restoration and What Are the Benefits?

Full mouth reconstruction is concerned with the functions of your teeth and mouth rather than just the aesthetics. It is, therefore, a treatment for patients who have problems with the structure of their teeth, or problems with the muscles or bones around the mouth. Bite problems can also be corrected with full mouth reconstruction treatments.


THE BENEFITS OF Full mouth reconstruction

he need for this type of treatment can be determined at a routine dental examination or during a consultation regarding a smile makeover. The treatments used in our clinic are the most advanced available so are effective, durable, and leave a natural appearance.

  • Corrects problems with teeth structures
  • Corrects problems with mouth bone structure and muscles
  • Corrects bite problems
  • Improves the appearance of your teeth

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