Fluoride and sealant

Fluoride and sealant applications both help to protect your teeth from decay.

The Benefits of Fluoride and Sealant Applications

Both fluoride and sealant applications (dental sealants) help to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is a natural substance so we get it in the foods we eat. Fluoride is also present in dental hygiene products such as toothpaste and mouthwash. It is in the general water supply too plus you can get fluoride supplements from your dentist or doctor. These usually come in gel or drop form.

The benefits of fluoride include:

  • Hardens the enamel on teeth
  • Works on baby teeth, adult teeth before they grow, and fully grown adult teeth
  • Helps prevent decay by making the tooth more resistant

Sealants are made from plastic and are usually applied to molars and premolars – your back teeth. The main benefit of dental sealants is they help to protect teeth from decay.

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