Epilepsy and Convulsions

Epilepsy is one of the most spreading chronic neurological ailments of a person, manifested in the predisposition of the body to the sudden occurrence of convulsive attacks.

Treatment of Convulsions

Convulsions are a manifestation of epilepsy. They directly show that a person is in a critical condition. Self-treatment of such manifestations is strictly prohibited. You should adhere to the following rules while a person has convulsions:

  • do not try to hold it – neither hands, nor feet, nor clasped teeth
  • do not do artificial respiration
  • put the person on a flat surface and put something soft under the head if possible

This is necessary for that. During an epileptic fit, a person does not hit or injure his limbs.

After the attack has passed, it is necessary to give the person an opportunity to recover, and then without hesitation will turn to the doctor.

Effective Epilepsy Treatment

It is acknowledged that permanent epilepsy treatment should be consistent and systematic. It usually includes such steps:

  • medical examination
  • specialized medical preparations
  • permanent medical watching

Antiepileptic drugs are chosen depending on the form of epilepsy and the nature of the seizures. The drug is usually prescribed in a small dose with a gradual increase in it until the appearance of the optimal clinical effect. If the drug is ineffective, it is gradually canceled and the following is prescribed. Remember that under no circumstances you should change the dosage of the medicine or stop treatment. The sudden change of dose can provoke worsening of the condition and increased a frequency of attacks.

If you notice symptoms of epilepsy in yourself or your family, try to contact the neurologist as soon as possible. If the attack occurred for the first time, accompanied by a violation of breathing or continues for more than 5 minutes, you should call an ambulance.

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