Dubai Gynecologists Treat Low Libido with Libido Enhancement Non-Surgical Methods

Libido is defined as a person’s desire of indulging in sexual activities. It is quite common that with increasing age, both males and females have low sexual desire. But many women, who are young often complaint about suffering from problem of low or no sex drive. Is it natural? The answer is YES. There are many causes of loss of sexual drive in women like relationship issues with partner, socio cultural influences, medical conditions, etc. Fortunately, all these conditions are easy to treat naturally as well as by taking certain medications prescribed by reputed gynecologists based in Dubai.
In Dubai, several gynecologists offer libido stimulating treatments that help women in recovering their loss libido. It is quite difficult to pinpoint one factor as a cause of low sexual drive; a variety of factors play crucial role. It is due to this reasons gynecologist of reputed clinic, treats the condition by conducting counseling sessions, imparting sex education and practicing hormonal therapy.
Ways to Stimulate Libido
Primarily, a team of gynecologists try to understand the main reason of low libido via counseling session. These counseling sessions help in addressing issues which women face or feel while indulging in sex. The reasons usually vary from pain during intercourse to relationship issues. Simultaneously, they evaluate the medicines which a woman is taking. Reason being, there are certain antidepressants which may result in low sex drive. In case, if woman is not taking any medication, then they either suggest medicines that help in increasing libido or opt for hormone therapy.
During hormone therapy, smaller doses of estrogen are given to woman in the form of vaginal cream or by placing a slow-releasing ring in her vagina. The cream or ring helps in increasing blood flow to the vagina, which further helps in increasing sexual desire.
Indubitably, there are natural ways also for increasing sexual desire; however a woman should not make delay in consulting with gynecologist if natural ways do not show any positive outcome. The gynecologist team of is highly experienced, trained and have treated several cases successfully so far. So, if you are experiencing pain during intercourse on recurrent basis or suffering from low libido, seek an appointment today!

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