Cleft Lip and Palate Orthodontics

Cleft lip and palate orthodontics is a curative treatment of the birth deficiency occurring because of the baby’s lips or oral cavity incorrect formation during the intrauterine growth.

Cleft lip and palate reasons

It is outlined several whence of this orthodontic handicap:

  • non-union of tissues that form the palate during the 6-9 week period of cyophoria
  • smoking of the expecting mother
  • diabetes during gestation
  • taking certain medications to treat epilepsy in the first trimester of maternity

Such defects can affect the condition of the teeth, including their location, size, and form.

Different diseases of the mouth, which occur because of the complex formation of cleft lip or palate, can have a great impact on the teeth health, including their location, size, and form. The cleft may form in the area between labial teeth. Although both of these defects can be changes with the medical help of experienced surgical intervention, the second one is supposed to be a much more serious disease than the cleft lip.

Cleft lip and palate orthodontic treatments

The kind of cure your child needs for a cleft lip or palate will depend on their condition.

Today, birth lacks of the palate progression are typically eliminated with the help of surgical intervention, during which the integrity of the alveolar process and the upper lip are restored and the plastic of the upper palate is conducted. If you want to treat these disorders with dispatch, parents should take a visit the orthodontist in a good time. Ask the orthodontist when it is possible to make the first appointment. Because the child has a cleft, the doctor may ask you to make an appointment for an examination long before the child turns a year old. The visit to the orthodontist is essential to achieve the success and to check the wellness of the child’s stoma.

Careful compliance with the rules of oral hygiene also contributes to the growth of healthy teeth. Al Aliaa dentists can provide you with useful advice about the care of the first teeth, the usage of fluoride-containing products and proper nutrition. Our specialists have individual recommendations to each client.

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