Bone Marrow Aspiration Counseling

Bone marrow aspiration – is a process of obtaining a bone marrow from a bone.

Why Bone Marrow Aspiration Counseling is Important

Such a procedure is significant to get the information about the state of the bone marrow and its ability to produce blood cells. These analyses are shown to check the function of the bone marrow, diagnose leukemia, bone marrow deficiency, other cancers that can spread to the bone marrow, decide whether the deficiency of vitamins in your body affects hematopoiesis.

During this procedure, sampling of bone marrow tissue specimen from the bone marrow cavity is performed with a needle, after which the tissue is examined under a microscope. The study is conducted before the start of the treatment to assess the state of the bone marrow or at the end of therapy to determine the response of the body to medical interventions.

A hematologist, a specialist in blood diseases, performs a treatment. Aspiration of the bone marrow is indispensable to prove the correct diagnosis.

Effective planning and organization of the Bone Marrow Aspiration treatment

Al Aliaa medical advisers understand that before the procedure you can have various medical and organizational issues. Therefore, we are ready to provide all the necessary information in advance to help you avoid inaccuracies and help in organizing the process of diagnosis and treatment.

He will tell you all the necessary information that the patient should know before the procedure. You can also tell him about the presence of symptoms, which are contraindications. The consultation helps to clarify the situation and make the right things to do.

The seriousness of the bone marrow counseling is proved right according to the following features:

  • Understanding the patient’s current health status
  • Discussion how and when the procedure is best to be held
  • Informing the patient about success rates
  • Prevention of accidents

Methods of clinical examination include the questioning of the patient (complaints, anamnesis of the disease and life) and examination of organs and systems. During the examination, the doctor pays attention to the main clinical syndromes that can occur in hematological patients: anemic, hemorrhagic, intoxication, tumor proliferation and infectious complications. When patients are questioned, nonspecific complaints can be identified that are characteristic of many diseases (weakness, fatigue, headaches) and specific ones that allow thinking about a certain diagnosis. In view of these data, the patient is also recommended to use laboratory and instrumental methods of investigation (as required).

You can apply to the best specialists who have many years of experience in the field of hematology on the website. You will receive a quality consultation and gain full confidence in the correctness of the choice made. Doctors have individual recommendation to each client.

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